Money Saving Travel Tips and Secrets

Money Saving Travel Tips and Secrets

Going for a vacation may be such an expensive affair especially if one is on a tight budget. There are so many costs associated with going on a vacation. If one can find a way to save on some of the costs, they will have a good vacation at a very low cost. Here are some money saving travel tips and secrets.

Choose the cheapest times to travel

Flight prices differ depending on the day, month and time. Travelling during the weekends should be avoided at all cost since that is when the flight prices skyrocket due to the demand. One should choose their days of traveling wisely to save on costs.

Low season

travel money tipsOne should choose to travel during the low season when there is no much traveling. This will depend on your destination. If your destination is in high season, then one will pay more since there is a lot of traffic towards and from where they are going. Besides getting cheaper flights in low season, one also gets better deals on hotels and accommodation as well. One should research more on the low seasons of the various destinations so that they can know when to travel.

Mix your flights

A traveler who is on a budget may need to do this to save on costs. Use a different airline company for both flights. This will need some planning and may be quite a hassle, but if it is saving you some coins, it is worth a try. Such searches can be made easy since there are such search tools on the internet.

Estimate parking charges at the airport

The airport parking charges may create a hole in your pocket especially if you are going for long. For this reason, taking a taxi can be the cheapest option since you do not have to worry about the packing charges. One can also have a friend drive them to the airport hence save the costs.

Carry your food

When using a budget airline, it will save you money to take bring your food since food for such airlines is usually overpriced. One can buy some snacks before reaching the airport, or they can pack it from home. Also bring some water along.

Avoid too much luggage

Every airline has its luggage allowance. Ensure that you weigh your luggage before leaving home so that you do not exceed the recommended allowance by the airline. It will be painful to have to throw away excess things that you may have when the luggage is weighed at the airport. Pack only what you need and buy some personal effects when you reach your destination just enough to last you while you stay there.

Home swaps

When one is on vacation, they normally leave their houses without anyone but go to pay very expensively for accommodation. One should opt to try a home swap. This allows one to stay at the other person’s home while they are on vacation in your city while they stay at your place when you are on vacation in their city. This cuts down the accommodation costs to zero. One may just have to buy food to be cooked.…

Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip

Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip

Planning a vacation can be quite a hassle. This is because there are so many things to be done before the day of travel. One may forget some things which may make their holiday less enjoyable. This article will highlight for you the easy steps for planning your next trip.

Decide on your destination

This is the major step to be taken. There are many travel destinations, but one can be at one place at a time. One should know what they want to achieve when going for the vacation so that they can narrow down their choices.

How long the vacation will take

The next thing is deciding how long you will be away. This will help you prepare for the trip. It will also help you in planning the things you will need to carry and how you will organize the people being left behind if any. Those at work may also know who to handover to and the things to be done for the time they will be away.


This will help you in knowing how much you will spend the whole time you have decided to be away. One should know where they will stay, what they will do and how much it will cost them for transport to the destination and within and also pay for travel insurance. These are some of the items that should be considered when coming up with a budget for your vacation.

Book flights

If one will take a flight to their destination, they will need to book early. This will help them reduce their costs since early bookings attract reasonable discounts. Also, avoid traveling on the weekends since the flight prices tend to be higher destination tips

Booking accommodation

One should know where they will be staying for the period they will be away. Booking accommodation is safer as it will ensure that you have a place to stay even if you arrive late in the night. Go for budget accommodation since they have good services, but at lower prices hence you can save on your accommodation costs. Research on the travel sites for the accommodation cost that you will expect.

Apply for leave early

If one intends to go on vacation, say in December, they ought to apply early so that their employer has time to make the necessary adjustments in the workplace. This will also help one to plan since they will be sure that their leave will be granted hence have the go-ahead to start paying for things like flights and accommodation.

Get your travel documents in order

One should know the documents needed when they will be traveling. This includes the passports and visas. The documents should be valid and if any renewals need to be done ensure that they are done early enough so that you are not inconvenienced during your day of travel.


When it comes to packing, one should begin early so that they do not forget the necessary things that will be needed during the travel. If possible create a packing list so that you can use it to pack.…