4 Cold European Country that You Must Visit

4 Cold European Country that You Must Visit

Take a break from visiting beaches, because snuggling in the cold can be as fun as bathing under the sun. Here four European destination that will blow your mind because they are all gorgeous and fun.

New Zealand

This country is known to be very friendly, and it is very nice to feel welcomed as a tourist in New Zealand. It is also the warmest cold country compared to the others which makes it perfect for someone that wants to see and enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes without having to freeze to ice. The Maori culture is also an interesting factor that you would want to experience yourself, aside from the astonishing wildlife and adventures that you can choose to do and see.


The birthplace of pub culture is also the country that is home to leprechauns. That is why you can expect to visit a lot of great pub, castles, and a lot of other sites that makes the country looks like a fairytale. Not to mention that the country is safe and the people are also hospitable, which makes Ireland a great place to visit for solo travelers. When you search for Ireland trips, be prepared to be amazed by all the pictures of the destinations that you can choose to go to because it is breathtaking.


norwayAnother country on the list that is categorized ‘successful’ compared to the rest of the world is Norway. If you know anything about Sustainable Development Goals, Norway is, in fact, the benchmark that the United Nations use because they see this place as the best place for humans to live. Aside from that, several things also make Norway a famous destination for travelers. Firstly, the fjords are like no others, taking a cruise ship trip along the fjords are once in a lifetime experience. And you can’t leave the place before you look for an aurora in the night sky which you usually only enjoy from the pictures, movies, and videos that you see.


The happiest country in the world surely makes an exciting place to visit. When in Denmark, expect to indulge in a lot of delicious sweets, coffee, and hot chocolate. Going to the city is a perfect mixture of enjoying both old architecture and technology. It also has a theme park which sparked something in Walt Disney to make Disneyland, and that is pretty cool to say to someone that you have been to the place which inspires the magical kingdom.…