Tips for Travelling to A Tropical Island

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time for all the tropical islands to be invaded by tourists, including you. If you’re a novice in the traveling world, and you’re visiting a tropical island for the first time, you might not know how things work yet. Traveling to a tropical island is an unforgettable experience, take a look here for amazing traveling promos so you can travel within budget. For tips on traveling to a tropical island, read below.


Water is your best friend. You should always have a bottle of mineral water ready in your bag when you’re in a tropical country. The heat can be overwhelming for those of you who have never experienced a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Not to mention most of the winds in tropical islands comes from the sea, and these types of winds are hot, and won’t provide you with the type of cool wind you wished for. Staying hydrated will prevent your body from getting sick because of the heatwave, and it will also make you feel fresh during the day.


Comfortable attire

Another important part of traveling in a tropical island is your attire. You might always want to look your best, but your best might not be your most comfortable. For example, tight hot pants might seem like a good idea, but not when it causes your groin to sweat and you end up with a rash or a chub rub. Opt for cool, cotton shorts that aren’t tight instead of shorts made of jeans. You should also always wear comfortable shoes, as you might have to walk a lot.

Prioritize safety

Safety should be number one when traveling. When you travel to tourist areas, there might be a lot of scams and pickpockets. Always store your passport and money in a hidden pocket far away from the surface of your bag. A lot of tropical islands offer motorbikes as a way of traveling. Always ask for helmets when traveling with bikes, as accidents might happen. Don’t forget to apply for travel insurance, it really is a worthy investment.

Mind the locals

You will have to get to know the culture before even traveling there, and learn a few words from the language of the locals to survive. Some islands have their own beliefs, such as in Bali. You can’t step on the ‘sesajen’ or their bowl of offerings placed in the middle of the pavements sometimes, as this will lead bad luck to you and to the people who put it there.