What are the Best Hotel Amenities?

Getting the Most for Your Money

The best hotel amenities will be free of charge and you can enjoy. However, how do you determine what hotel amenities are free? I’m not suggesting you check your hotel receipts.

To determine the hotel amenities, you have to follow a couple of steps. First, do not rely on the direct advertising or “free samples” offered by hotels. A typical deal offered by a hotel is usually for a hotel room and dinner for two.

Remember, free meals are expensive, even if you are in a good price range. That is because there is a delivery charge associated with food that requires delivery. But free meals are just as expensive, if not more so, because you are still paying for the food, but they do not deliver it.

If the free hotel amenities really do not include free food, are there other free hotel amenities? I’m not saying the best hotel amenities don’t include free food, freebies, or other freebies. The fact is, the best hotel amenities include all of these items and more. To ensure you are getting a very generous gift, make sure you are comparing hotels according to their hotel amenities.

To determine hotel amenities, I would start with three simple points. First, I look for customer service and hotel reliability. Customer service usually means hotel employees who are always there to help you when you have questions, help you book a room, help you make reservations, or even to actually show you how to use the equipment or computers in the hotel.

Most hotel guests do not stay for more than a day or two. Therefore, they don’t have the luxury of staying in a hotel that they feel comfortable in and that gives them the amenities they need. The best hotel amenities allow your guests to get exactly what they need when they arrive at your hotel. Therefore, the hotel should provide friendly, helpful staff that will welcome your guests with enthusiasm and make them feel very comfortable.

Another reason for the good customer service is because you want your guests to return. When guests stay with you, they should be provided with a comfortable hotel room and an easy-to-use room amenities area to do their daily tasks and to relax.

Again, your customer service will vary from hotel to hotel. This is another reason why you need to compare hotels when you want to find the best hotel amenities. The overall experience is what makes a hotel worthy of your guests’ patronage.

For the hotel amenities you want your guests to enjoy, you also need to consider your lodging location. Make sure your guests know that they will be receiving the same quality services and amenities as if they stayed in a similar hotel of the same size. If you can not provide the same services you do at your home or office, then you cannot expect your guests to return to your hotel.

If you offer free vacation packages, you also want to make sure you are in competition with other lodging companies. Your guests should be able to find a hotel in your city or area. A list of the top five or ten hotels in your area may entice your guests to your hotel and help keep them coming back.

Hotels in your city should give you free delivery services to your guests’ destinations. You will not find this feature on many hotels, but it is a must for any hotel with large numbers of travelers. It gives you an edge over the competition, especially if you offer your guests the option of staying in a local hotel and using the delivery service.

When you determine the hotel amenities you are looking for, remember the hotel must be affordable and the rooms must be in a good location. Then, you can be sure to receive the best of what the hotel has to offer.

Setting Reasonable Expectations

It’s time to retire “hotelitis” and return to some sense of common sense when it comes to hotel and motel selection and pricing.

Hotel and motel prices and amenities should be based on the perceived value to the consumer rather than perceived utility. Utilizing the services, facilities and amenities provided by a given hotel or motel is only one half of the equation.

It’s also important to remember that the second component of “the hotel amenity,” when deciding between hotels and motels, is customer service. Ask about customer service, the level of service provided, and complaints filed against the hotel or motel during the past year.

A good hotel will meet or exceed the customer service standards set by the Better Business Bureau, whether the hotel has high or low ratings with the BBB. A good hotel will also be focused on providing customers with the best value available to them in the market.

Some customer complaints may be indicative of poor quality. A complaint about cleanliness may be an indication of inadequate air conditioning, or the presence of dirt or mold, although this is not necessarily the case. The point is to determine if the hotel or motel in question has adequate guest room amenities to offer the highest level of customer service.

The Better Business Bureau has data on quality customer service provided by various types of hotels and motels, including independent and chain hotels. By using this data as a benchmark, it becomes easier to compare hotel and motel prices and amenities.

A hotel should offer plenty of conveniences for its guests including plenty of room for meeting, conference, and event planning, easy access to public transportation, and comfortable rooms. It should also provide activities and amenities that make hotel and motel stays more enjoyable.

When choosing a hotel or motel, the potential guest or client should take into account what hotel and motel have to offer and what options they have in mind. As an example, let’s say a client has an event scheduled for a certain day and location. The customer would want to know about the hotel’s ability to provide transportation, or a shuttle service, to get them to the event.

There are different types of hotels and motels that cater to different needs. Customers should compare the best value for their money when deciding which hotel and motel to stay at.

The first factor to consider is modern conveniences. Most people who travel often are looking for hotels that offer the latest in technology-specific amenities. They want their hotel and motel to be as close to the action as possible, whether they need internet access, telephones, television, coffee makers, and kitchen supplies.

Comforts are another aspect of a hotel and motel that customers should consider. The number of electrical outlets, amenities such as comfortable beds, and furniture are also important factors. These are important for short-term stays where comfort and convenience are important.

  • Perhaps the greatest value a hotel can offer is convenience.
  • A hotel and motel should not only have a variety of rooms, but each room should be able to be reached quickly and easily.
  • These are the basic amenities needed to make the most of a hotel and motel stay.