What can Microsoft Outlook Offer?

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and widely used email client for both Microsoft Exchange and Windows based email servers. Microsoft Outlook Express (OE) is a free email client and works very well with the Microsoft Exchange Server. It includes several tools that help in managing email such as Auto Responders, Spam filter, Mailbox/Inbox manager, and Microsoft Outlook Express features. Some other Microsoft Exchange services and features that can be obtained as a stand alone software are Microsoft Exchange Server (MES), Microsoft Exchange Mobile (MEM), Microsoft Outlook Webmail (NOW), Microsoft SharePoint (SP).

There are various Microsoft Outlook email clients available in the market and according to your needs you can choose the best. Microsoft Outlook Express or E comes with many features such as auto-responder, Spam and anti-spam filtering, Mailbox/Inbox manager, and Microsoft Outlook Express Spam Filter. The Auto-responder helps the user to set up an automatic email delivery list. The auto-responder allows the user to select and create email addresses from a variety of sources such as the Internet, cell phone and junk mail providers. It can be configured to send different email messages at preset time intervals such as once per day, weekly, monthly and even daily.

Microsoft Outlook supports the different types of email accounts such as Outlook Home Server,

Personal, Business, and Enterprise. Microsoft Outlook for Business has additional features such as Intranet and extranet email. Microsoft SharePoint (SP) is a web collaboration and social networking platform that enable groups of employees to work together and share documents, files, ideas and opinions online. This is one of the most popular features of Microsoft Outlook for business where multiple users can easily log into one common repository.

Microsoft Exchange Server is a popular business solution that provides you with a comprehensive and scalable email platform. It offers features such as Microsoft Exchange Server (MS Exchange) and Microsoft Exchange Enterprise Solutions (MEES). The Exchange Server is designed to help companies organize their business workflow by providing central storage, permission, recovery, security and scheduling for emails. The service also supports other services such as mobile device management, business intelligence tools and e-mail archiving.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web based service that is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and other web applications. This service provides users with an easy way to collaborate on documents and store them in a web site. The advantage of this service compared to other options is the centralization of documents. With this service users are able to access, review and share documents from any internet location. This Microsoft service offers many advantages such as improved collaboration, easier document storage and removal, better collaboration and task management, ease of access control, better access to multiple email servers, ability to create multiple email accounts and improved employee productivity.

Microsoft SharePoint is available on various hosting solutions such as Microsoft Office 365,

Microsoft Business Center and Microsoft 365. One advantage of using SharePoint as an email hosting service is that users can manage, search and use SharePoint’s communal directory. For instance, you can search for all your company’s shared documents such as emails and attachments in one place. You can also manage the documents and have the ability to create new emails in Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Business Center is a web based service that offers Microsoft Outlook as a default email client and it comes packed with other features such as SharePoint, web-based calendaring, Microsoft Business Center Designer tool and others. This feature enables you to create email addresses directly from the Microsoft Exchange Server. One advantage of using this Microsoft Business Center feature is that you can create email addresses within Outlook that can be used to connect with your other email accounts. This feature also allows you to have different offline email folders such as e-mails, auto responder, mobile, etc., thus you can organize your emails and have access to them whenever you need them.

  • Microsoft SharePoint is a free email service that allows users to access a common database of shared online documents.
  • This feature enables you to create documents, share files, calendars and notes right from within Outlook.
  • To take advantage of SharePoint, you need to sign up as an MS SharePoint user and then you can create and access any of the MS SharePoint sites.