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Managed Wi-Fi as a Service

Managed WiFi is usually a business option that allows an enterprise to outsource the various tasks involved such as designing, securing, installing, maintaining, updating and/or managing a WiFi connection. These services are offered by ‘off line’ or ‘cloud’ management service providers who have existing technical infrastructure. The advantage of using cloud services is the low initial cost and flexibility of use. In contrast, on line services are more costly and there is no flexibility in use as the user has to integrate the system with the enterprise’s existing networking appliances. Cloud-based services can be deployed quickly to accommodate any demands for bandwidth.

With Managed WiFi, the network infrastructure is in the hands of a third party service provider who provides hardware and software to the enterprise. These vendors will determine your needs and develop a plan for fulfilling them. Once the plan is developed you simply send your technicians to their site and they set up the equipment to fulfill your requirements. Your managed wifi connection will be setup with equipment purchased from the vendor and this will reduce the time necessary to set up. This time also reduces the expense incurred as you don’t have to pay for the labour costs involved.

To ensure that the managed wifi solution implemented meets your requirements, it is best to identify your requirements before contracting the service provider. You must know the number of access points required and the range of locations for each access point. It is also important to identify the bandwidth usage for each access point to assess its feasibility for usage in the business environment. The capacity requirement for a given business could also be determined to analyze the capital expenditure involved for establishing a new wired system. Wireless networks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses to connect to the internet.

Today there are many vendors offering managed Wi-Fi solutions such as Verizon, Linksys and Cisco.

These vendors all offer wireless routers of varying capacities, as well as wireless networks and access points. They are all capable of providing a competent wifi system and are more than happy to assist businesses in establishing their networks.

Businesses can opt for unmanaged wifi services offered by certain vendors such as Linksys, which are quite affordable. However Linksys offer only a single wireless network, which is located in their offices. Some of their features include WAP 2.0 applications and a Java platform. While some vendors provide complete managed wifi solutions for both mobile and fixed networks. They often charge a reasonable monthly fee for this service.

There are several benefits to using a managed Wi-Fi provider.

Businesses can use the same cabling system that is used for wired systems and they do not have to worry about replacing or repairing any of the wiring. In addition, some businesses benefit from the managed wifi security services that they receive. The service provider maintains and troubleshoots the list of safe access points associated with each office.

By utilizing managed wifi services, businesses save a considerable amount of money that would have been spent on purchasing and maintaining their own equipment. This cost saving allows businesses to invest that money into other aspects of their organization. A good managed wifi security service provider will also keep their clients up to date with the latest information on security vulnerabilities in their systems so that they can take the appropriate actions to prevent the compromise of their systems. In addition to the above, by utilizing managed wifi services a business is less likely to have to deal with technical issues such as connection drops, connectivity problems and others that might arise as a result of an insecure system.

Today many companies are making the switch to wireless solutions from their wired counterparts. Wireless solutions can offer a number of benefits for businesses, which makes them an ideal choice. For instance Managed Wifi provides businesses real time internet connectivity.

  • With a managed Wifi solution a business can be sure that it has a real time connection.
  • This can be especially important during live events such as concerts and other large gatherings where an establishment may experience a surge in traffic.
  • The problem that may occur is that without a back-up plan for the internet connection could be interrupted and this would cause a business to lose patrons and suffer financially.